Tips for Branding your Business in Real Time

Undoubtedly, the real-time bidding (RTB) revolution has been bankrolled by direct response marketers while brand money continues to fuel reservation growth. This is expected to change. Demand side platform and specialist exchange shave opened new opportunities to media that is targetable and biddable and can move a brand. Below are some tips when it comes to using RTB.

Branding your Business

Be Aware of what You are Getting

You can avail of some of the most attractive inventories through private or public exchanges. So are the buys that can damage your brand. Perhaps you have already tolerated this while selling diet pills but you should not do this if you want to create an icon. It is imperative to have a solid ad verification platform that you can use for validating the safety of your brand. This is to ensure that your ads get seen as well as delivered in the perfect footprint and audiences. Never run a brand campaign if you don’t have this.

businessman hand writing branding your business with crumpled recycle paper as concept

Be Creative

It is harder to shift perceptions than drive sales among target audiences. It is a must to make an impact. This can be done with humor, video and rich content that has big formats. Check out new kinds of ads instead of considering just standard displays.

Know that Statistics Matter

It is not easy to measure brand lift. In fact, it is even harder to measure it in a way that allows you to optimize in-flight as you try to avoid making a wrong conclusion. You have to polish your stats up or look for someone who can help you. The relationships between baseline attitudes, sample size, granularity, confidence and accuracy of read are complicated; however, you have to have a grip on such levers if you wish to draft a successful experiment.

Statistics Matter

Proxies Tend to Win Prizes

Regardless of how great you are at numbers, measuring brand lift at the grain won’t be possible. Surely, perception change tends to take time and population change is an analog result. Also, it is costly to have granular reads and you have to strike a balance between measurement expense and insight.

Beware of Engagement Pitfalls

Always remember reach. Engagement is important; however, they are scarce. Compelled exposure provides reach where engagement channels cannot. Also, be wary of saying things to the converted. A number of placements or formats are likely to get plenty of engagement as you have discovered a niche which likes your brand. Rates of engagement seem good; however, brand lift will not follow.

Beware of Engagement

Bonus is Bogus

Commonly, advertisers ask for bonus inventory for survey recruitment based on reservation. Usually, such inventory scraped from the barrel’s bottom bearing little to zero resemblance to the actual media purchase in position, audience and frequency.

With RTB, it will be possible to take a good control of survey recruitment. Retargeting ensures that you make the right opt-out notice and disclosures which helps in building a strong exposed recruitment and control base as well as normalize frequency, context across the board and recency. For a quality programmatic technology, check out

Bonus is Bogus