How To Sell Jewellery Online Successfully And Keep Buyers Engaged?

With rapid evolving technology conducting business and shopping habits have changed significantly. E-commerce is a platform that has been very successful in connecting buyers and sellers all around the world.


Jewellery is a profitable business, but very competitive. However, an online jewellery shop allows you to reach wide consumer base. You can be successful in this competitive market as long as the offered merchandise is of good quality. You also need to make some effort to make your business appealing to online shoppers.

All the women are always impressed with jewellery. Consequently, jewellery makers never leave an opportunity to sell latest and popular creations to fair sex. This is just one side of the coin, today males too are active buyers of creative jewellery ranging from ankles to neckwear. With such extended market potential, selling jewellery online is the best option.

How to sell jewellery online?

Identify what buyer’s desire

Generic item will not attract buyers to your new online jewellery store. Instead select a niche including specific interest. Look through blogs and message boards to get an idea of which kind of jewellery interest people. Visit popular marketplaces or online stores like to look at the most trendy jewellery people buy.

Click good photos

Online people do not get to examine the bracelet or necklace in person. Therefore a clear and informatics photos are crucial. Click each product from different angles in natural lights.

Price fairly

Pricing too high may discourage buyers and too low may decrease perception value. Use the wholesale price to determine retail pricing.

Use right keywords

Make sure not to mislead consumers, so choose relevant keywords. For example, bracelet titled, ‘Silver aquamarine heart bracelet’ will get more hits than the one titled, ‘Heart bracelet’. Any buyer interested in ‘Silver’, ‘Heart’, ‘Aquamarine’ or ‘Bracelet’ will likely visit your online jewellery shop.

Integrate social media

Promote your trendy products on popular social media platforms. Be active and always update your posts and photographs to engage old and new fan followers.