Choosing the Best IT Support and Service

Choosing an IT support in London and IT service provider could be a daunting task. With plethora of players available in the market, the choice would be bewildering and there have been several factors to consider. Find below a guide to assist you identify the most important factors for considering when choosing a partner for your IT support and service.

IT Support and Service

Business focus

It has been the most important factor so far. Do you believe that this IT support and service provider really understands your business? Are they aware of your working style? How would the customers find you and how would you meet their requirements?

You should talk to your IT support and service provider in a purely business term. You should be able to explain the various problems you come across or the outcomes you would like to achieve, without the need to refer to any software, hardware or particular technologies. Your IT support and service partner should be able to construct a bridge between your expressed requirements and the technical details of various solutions. They should also explain their proposal in simple and understandable terms.

Business focus

Cultural fit

There has been more to business focus than mere details of operational functionalities. Various cultural factors have been deemed important as well. Would this IT support and service provider fit in?

Always remember that members of this IT support and service team would be visiting your premises, dealing with your staff along with possibly training them in how to make use of new hardware and software. New IT systems would bring various changes. Change has been something that most people would find difficult. You would be searching for people who could offer the right level of tactful and patient IT support, despite of how technically literate your team has been.

Cultural fit

Quality of proposals

In case, you have been considering making an investment in IT, an ongoing IT support and service contract, you would want your potential provider for submitting a written proposal outlining the approach they have been recommend. Find below some questions to consider:

Businessman shaking hands with woman besides people waiting for

Is the proposal readable?

Has the supplier attempted to communicate their ideas in plain English? Are you able to comprehend with it as a general businessperson? Have the technical terms been explained or could you easily ask for an explanation from the supplier?

the proposal readable

Are the prices clear?

Are you confident that the price you see has been the price that you would pay for your IT support and service, but with no hidden extras? You should be able to compare the price and see if the price has been competitive or not.