Business Leadership In The 21st Century – Solid Tactics And Techniques

Business degrees and leadership training was almost nonexistent in the 1950’s, and has since undergone a huge surge in growth, especially in the period of time since the 1980’s. The problem is that for many business schools and business leadership classes there is very little correlation in completion of the courses and success in business.

Business degrees

One of the reasons for this is that so many programs do not give their students concrete knowledge and skills in managing people and building businesses through hard work and analysis of external forces which can impact a specific business model in a variety of ways.

This model of business and leadership education has been referred to as ‘fuzzy’ and ‘irrelevant’ by some industry experts, and is often typified by the most cursory knowledge and anecdotal teaching methods.

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There are valuable resources for business leaders, coaches for business leaders and people who want to gain a real education in business, but any educational program must be closely examined to determine what type of information it imparts.

Look for schools and programs that offer concrete, fact driven analytical education in management and leadership. A scientific, fact based curriculum on developing interpersonal skills, communication and leadership should be sought after. An over emphasis on analytics that are unrelated to running and managing a team effort and to running a business in general is a trademark of ineffective educational programs.

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While analytic skills are very important, they are only a small part of becoming an effective businessman and leader. Any business’ most valuable assets are always its employees, and working to build those employees into a cohesive unit that are all striving for the same goal has much to do with understanding the psychology of groups and individuals and developing the communication skills necessary for making sure everyone is doing their best, and that the entire team is working as a whole instead of many individuals pulling in different directions.

One concrete example of this is teaching leadership techniques that allow a leader to identify a person who may be very smart and skilled, but who is in the wrong position within the company.

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Letting such people go can be very counterproductive, but recognizing that they can have a larger positive impact in a different part of the venture, and making sure that they see this as an opportunity and not a demotion can only be accomplished by using tactics which are made possible by strong communication skills.

This is just one example of specific skill sets which you should look for in business curriculum and leadership courses – if such skills are not a large part of the business or leadership course ask more questions.

specific skill sets

Another area that should be covered are specific business techniques in regards to navigating regulatory frameworks, supplier relationships and logistics and forming concrete plans with achievable timetables. There are excellent programs available, but it is up to you as the student to make sure your business or leadership course of study will give you actual, real world skills which are vital to becoming a successful leader and business person.

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